Friday, November 20, 2009

Why This Blog?

This blog is an outgrowth of my posts on almsgiving and, beyond that, personalized help to the poor (often, in my case, using God's credit card) and is meant as a vehicle to share the results of all those who are willing to take up the challenge to go beyond throwing money at the hungry and homeless. Let's get to know them, to give them dignity, and to provide them with respect. The challenge is the one that St. Francis threw down and took up: to eat together with the outcasts of society (in his case, mostly lepers) and through getting to know them in this manner, treating them as the same children of God that we all are, no less worthy of love and kindness than ourselves.
The challenge: Invite someone who is homeless and hungry to dinner once a month. (More often, if you can afford it, is, of course, wonderfully fine!) Get to know that person one-on-one.

And then, if you are so inclined, report here about the person you got to know and how that person has brought some meaning into your life and contributed to the world in spite of being hungry and homeless. There are two ways of doing that. Send me a post by email (, and I will add a graphic (or use yours) and post it, linking it to whatever site you wish. Or, simply leave a comment.

All comments are welcomed. There is no moderation enabled. I will keep this blog open to comments in this manner unless I encounter spammers.

So, forward march! Go out and feed a hungry person (emphasis on the word, person), and let's chat about what happens when God leads us to those who may have nothing today but will some day inherit the earth!


  1. Wow, what an idea.
    One of the places we lived had a family owned restaurant that made free Thanksgiving dinner for anyone who walked in the door -- you got everyone, from the homeless guy to the down on their luck family to the folks with plenty of money that just loved that restaurant to people (I imagine) who didn't have people to spend the day with.
    I don't know how we'd do this, we're so separated from each other that it's hard to find a natural way to "identify" and sit down with someone who is hungry. . . . but I'll be thinking and trying. . . .

  2. Thanks for coming to my blog and letting me know about Stellan. What an awesome miracle from God.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  3. Thank you, Elizabeth, your blogs are wonderful. I have had the honor of meeting a few homeless people and they have touched me deeply. Larry is a homeless man that lives in our city and he could teach most of us huge lessons in love. He dearly loves God and goes to daily Mass and Adoration. He gets money from the state [he is disabled] and gives it to the poor! He recently bought new books for the music ministry at the church he often attends. Someone gave Him 100 dollars and he put it in the basket at Mass :) He sees Mother Mary and angels. Many people don't believe him but I do :) He has a temporary room this winter and is out of the cold. He won't accept handouts but certainly likes to give!

  4. What a good person Larry is! Thank you for sharing that story.