Saturday, January 2, 2010

Quiet Magic

People helping people. Now, that's magic. Maybe even God using them to create a miracle or two.

I have come across two posts about Christmas help via Tweet for a mother and 9-year-old son, living in a van, which was towed, leaving them with nothing. God's good helper, Mark of the Hardly Normal blog, jumped in, after learning about it on Tweet. Pastor Matthew Barnett of Los Angeles Dream Center, after reading the Tweet, met the family at Walmart. Clothes and a Christmas toy were the result.

I cannot tell the story as well as those who were directly connected with it, so I will simply post the URLs and urge you to go to those links. It will be well worth the time and the extra effort to hop on over to another blog/site.

(1) A post on Kat's Korner: InvisiblePeople Tells Homeless Stories--And Changes Lives

(2) The original story with tweet comments and a youtube interview on Mark's site: Magic of Twitter Brings Miracle to Homeless Family

I would also add that Mark, who describes himself as a long-term grinch, now uses a smiling grinch as an avatar!

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