Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sabu Help: Self-Help for the Poor of Ghana

This weekend Sabu Help will be holding a fundraising event and is asking for bloggers' financial help, where possible, and prayers. I am blogging about it here because I believe it to be a worthy cause. Readers are asked to spread the word.

Here is some information:
Sabu Help is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping rural poor people help themselves, find ways to produce food, earn an income, and raise healthy families. The organization supports investment in such ventures as agriculture, animal husbandry, skilled services, and retail & trading. Donations and grants are used to provide business micro loans, supporting the poor people to invest in their community resources and productive businesses. Then, Sabu Help "pays it forward" by recycling repaid loans to help fund more poor people in other communities. Currently, the organization works principally in Ghana but hopes to expand to other locations.

Additional information can be found at the organization's website: Sabu Help.

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